The Callaway County Humane Society is excited, pleased and proud to announce the launch of our new project called, S.N.I.P. and Chip, Spay Neuter Initiative Program and Micro Chip clinics.

The Callaway County Humane Society will no longer be doing rescue in the county. Struggles with financial support and foster homes has made us rethink how we can best serve Callaway County. We feel that helping all citizens with a discount spay or neuter voucher will help more people and have a long lasting effect on the county. Rescue is very important and we have a good networking system that will help folks to place a dog.

S.N.I.P. is a $50 voucher that can be used at any vet in Callaway County. Applicants will need to live in Callaway County also. Just to go the website www.snipandchip.org and apply for the voucher!

S.N.I.P. will also give assistance to a homeowner that is caring for a feral cat colony outside of Fulton City limits. Go to our website and click on the Feral Cat Assistance button.

Need to report abuse or neglect of an animal? Go to the CCHS website at www.callawaycountyhumanesociety.org and click on the Report Abuse button.

We also plan to offer a microchip clinic each month. Watch the SNIP website and Facebook for details .

The new website will be ready for action on January 1st! You can go to www.snipandchip.org and apply for the $50 voucher. Then make your appointment for your pets spay or neuter.

Thank you for being part of the solution and not part of the problem! Our goal is to be an example of how to get the stray population of animals under control.  Many times unwanted puppies and kittens suffer and die from neglect. Stray animals are killed on the road or by farmers and they are seen all over the county starving without anyone caring for them. A strong spay and neuter program will stop the breeding and stop the animal neglect. Please spread the word about the new $50 S.N.I.P. voucher. Together, we can do this!

To contact us please email us at info@snipandchip.org